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Lecture 2

Week 21: Reading Notes

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Jennifer Kayahara

Week 21: Fair Dealing at a Crossroads Introduction Copyright: a system of limited rights Copyrighted material cannot lawfully be used without permission Intellectual effort is collaborative: each new work draws in artifacts from other works o The means by which this time-honoured process of creativity achieves legitimacy in the system of copyright is through the limits upon control as prescribed by law The relationship between control and creativity o Common to the ancient civilizations, with attention upon the Greek, Chinese and Islamic traditions, there was a striking absence of any notion of human ownership of ideas th o Throughout the 20 c., the means by which creative effort reached mainstream audiences was inversely linked to copyright protection o New media technology thrived in the spaces uncontrolled by copyright law There are those who support that stronger copyright protection is necessary for further creative effort o Canada risks its creative and innovative potential if the limitations are diluted Fair dealing: permit some productive uses of copyrighted work o This is essential for copyright to meet its implicit mandate to foster creativity o Exceptions are the only means by which copyrighted material may be legitimately utilized, without authorization, during the term of protection Inclusion of education: some of the existing copying carried out in educational institutions is legitimate fair dealing and should not be subjected to systems of permission or payment Fair dealing is an imprecise doctrine o It permits some unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material for certain purposes and under certain conditions o Its lack of explicit instruction
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