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W3 SOC357H Case Study a detailed study of something, someone … but it’s only one case. The advantage that you learn a lot about the individual case you are looking at. Limitations is that it’s just one case and can’t prove anything  An analytical case study/ by comparing it to the general theories and explanation that we are dealing with in the course (or exception to the theories and average path/ how was the life changed and shaped by sevral factors (see slides)  Choosing a respondent  Ethical research: voluntary participation/ informed consent – tell exactly what the project is all about  Take notes even if you record / make a life history chart Dates Participants ages Important thing Important and happening in relevant their life historical events or conditions Questions to start with:  In what year were you born?  Where were you born?  What education did father and mother have  What work did they do, if any?  How many brothers and sisters did you have and when were they born?  When and where you start going to school? ** Try to get information on the family, education and work, and any other details in the person’s life that seems important Other question  Was your family living on a farm, a village or in town?  Which child were you?  If you would think back to those early days as you were growing up, what are some of your earliest memories of the town?  What did you father do? What are you earliest memories of him?  What are some of your other recollections of your father when you were a child?  Now, could you tell me about your mother? What did you remember about her? Get people to tell you a story Follow ethical rules/ attach consent form Mannheim  Idea that people from different generation
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