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Bonnie Fox

W5 SOC 357H Missed first half Order of life course changed now [study, get a job, get married, and then have children]  To get married: suppose to have your own place/ so need financial resources. And to have kids you should be married (expect Quebec)  80’s and 90’s were hard time [markets poor for young people/ so this messes up everything else – change expected life course to adopt to circumstances]  Todays’ also hard to get into the job market… so people go back to school  The role of education: it’s getting longer, more accessible to everyone, so people put off getting a job and getting married  So the ideal order is not very practical anymore On average people do finish school, and then get work, and then get married. The people’s age doing it in this order was getting older and older. Before, women would have lower education, because it would not be of good use to them, so get married and have children. Older daughter were also stuck at home to help with the work, so they went to school only later. Only later, the life course of the men and the women started to merge/ also now the idea that you are not ready to get married/ but people are still trying to follow the ideal pathway for life. Standardization of th
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