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Michael Reid

SOC363 – June 18 2013 Discrimination & Traumatic events - stigma is based on identity - discrimination is the behavior - stigma can result from race, origin, ethnic identity, sex etc and all of this can have an impact on mental well-being - perception of discrimination decreases mental health - stronger connection between discrimination and distress then between discrimination and depression - Brown wanted to explain how social structure influence psychological health Critical race theory explains how race is socially constructed, and how race determines life chances and how social construction of race leads to racial stratification(racism) - use this theory to understand the social construction of race and how it leads to a hierarchy and how this hierarchy leads to racism - racial stratification is a neglected fundamental cause of disease that could directly affect mental health problems (brown) - racial stratification creates these (5 conditions) 1. Nihilistic tendencies; examples of self destructive disorder, strong tendencies to destroy and hurt oneself because of the fatalism associated with the premance of racism (destroy yourself before something else does) suicide, substance abuse is the response to racial homelessness ?? 2. Anti-self issues: African Americans feel estranged from their racialised self, which causes them to want to escape from their blackness, and any connection to other black people ( white is being better then black, on social level, anti self issues are likely the result of blacks attempting to manage and maintain positive feelings about themselves) 3. Suppressed anger expression: racism is rampant as a result of racism, people being discr
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