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University of Toronto St. George
Scott Schieman

Alienation Powerlessness vs SelfControlAlienation y Most explanations of the social patterns of distress refer to alienation in one for or another What is it o A set of expectations and beliefs about the world and ones place in it o Any form of social dissociation detachment or separationWhat are the Five Major Types of Alienation Seeman y Social Conditions y Powerlessness y Isolation y SelfEstrangement y Normlessness y MeaninglessnessA subjective experiencebut one that is often based on objective experiences distress major consequence of alienation control over ones life Powerlessnessy Perceived powerlessness and control represent different ends of a continuum y Powerlessness the expectancy or probability held by the individual that ones behaviour cannot determine the occurrence of the outcomes or reinforcements that one seekspowerlessness versus control forms the mental bridge o As a belief perceivedbetween external conditions and emotional and behavioural responses o Perceived powerlessness generated by objective conditions of powerlessness and leads to distress o Belief that personal control is associated with low levels of psychological distress y Powerlessnessseparation from important outcomes in ones own life or an inability to achieve desired ends y ExternalSocial ConditionsPerceptionsBeliefs Powerlessness vs ControlEmotional Responses y Alienationany form of detachment of separation from oneself of from other y Sociology researchers build on themes of perceived powerlessness vs controlconstructs overlap not distinctThe Sense of Controly What is the SOC
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