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University of Toronto St. George
Scott Schieman

Religion Stress Process and Mental HealthReligion and Sufferingy Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature the heart of a heartless world and the spirit of spiritless conditions It is the opium of the people Karl Marx 1843Religion and Mental Health Debatey Is religion good or bad for mental health o What is potentially problematic about making the following claim Religious people are better or worse off in terms of mental healthinfluence on stress psychosocialReligion has a complicatedresources and mental healthy Aim to examine the associations between personal religiosity and components of the stress process y Science cannot tell us whether God heals but it can tell us whether belief in God affects health y Three points underscore the complications for conclusions about the association between religion and mental health o Which dimensions of religiosity are most salient for mental health o Which aspects of mental health are most likely to be affected by religiosity o What are the specific mechanisms that account for religious effects on mental healthThe religion is bad for you view of this view y What are main claimso Ellis emotionally healthy individual is flexible open tolerant and changing and the devoutly religious person tends to be inflexible closed intolerant and unchangingo discourages selfdirectedness selfacceptanceo beliefs which ones may cultivate negative feelings eg shame guilt selfdoubt fear beliefs about sin hell Gods evaluation of the selfand the rewards andor punishmentsy AIDS might be Gods punishment for immoral sexual behavior 22 mostly agree or completely agreeo Religions effect on collective wellbeing y What is religious doubt and how is it influential for mental health o a feeling of uncertainty toward and a questioning of religious teachings and beliefsoften involves the quality of ones relationship with God andthe credibility of religious texts socialization or practices o Doubt is associated with greater distress but education modifies that relationship
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