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University of Toronto St. George
David Young

SOC363 – Lecture 1 – Social Causes of Stress and Mental Health - many stressful experiences arise from social structures and peoples locations within these structure - stress is not a discrete happening involving a stimulus immediately followed by a response o commonly a chain of events with many factors over time o often tied to larger social systems The Stress Process Model: - notion of how social and economic statuses, stressors, neighborhood contexts and moderating resources contribute to stress - helps to organize concepts and their relationships o visual image of testable claims o allows replication, extension, and revision Assumption of the Stress Process - considers the relation between diverse factors and how they converge to impact the individual - not about unusual people doing unusual things o concerns average people - quintessentially sociological because focuses on the natural origins of mental health outcomes Social and economic Statuses: - gender, age, race o both directly and indirectly influence stress - can influence different coping behaviors - influence how much stress an individual may have Neighborhood Stressors: - direct or indirect impact - more likely to live with those of similar statuses - if you feel like an outsider in your neighborhood then that can lead to greater levels of distress o may just be abnormal in that neighborhood, but if you lived with people who were ore alike stress would be down Primary Stressor: - onset of the first stressor
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