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Brent Berry

SOC364 NOV 7, 2012 - Housing important to us provides impotant aspects like privacy and security and community surrounding it - Limited choice people not happy with housing choices - Housing identify different types of housing and how they have changed over the years - Europe and America mortgage ownership, have purchased property more in other parts of the world - Renting important type - Range of other housing options - Healthy society is well housed society - Inequality manifested in housing choices, quality of housing - Housing important marker of inequality - Pro cons of high rise living - More condo contruc then in the world - Housing policy, quite a long time - Creating market for mortgages - They subsidize mortgage defaults making it good for banks and then gave credit to households to purchase homes - And social housing - How much increase rent is provincial law, public housing - Active debate how much govt be in housing business, - Mayor ford and allies selling part of comm. Housing the stand alone prop what are implications in generatin greater levels of segregation people displaced and more homogenous how much govt be invoved in low level segregation - Shelter options Privacy - Hosuing most abstract sense - Reln with housing what does housing give us - Privacy – means many things, we value and standards of privacy have changed over time expecatation of privacy - Parents ashmed if ccant give room of their own - Security – related to privacy, secure nobody will harm you lock doors and feel secure - Status –we order ourselves on and distnguihs on many ways whre you live and quality is important private vs public - Expectations of privacy increased - Suburbabniaztion de dense led to larger places, but more smaller in cities - Overtime long view 100 years trend greater privacy and separation and those within house - Privacy think of infiltration not through walls but internet and other info privacy one sense not complelty private modes of survelience - lower density and set back from the street no interaction through front of home barrier sidewalk street and home creates challenges in connections in social env - tendency to orient homes back of prop th - to frank Lloyd wright early 20 century pushed for typical suburban home, internal private space rather then communal and connectness with others quite pivate family lives - prior to that closer to proprtty lines emphasized front of house - connectivness - flw important - suburbab subdivisions reflect that - cuddlesacks end in circles create pockets where parents not worry not a lot of through traffic more cuddlesack one throughroad - in cuddlesack not much flow of people better or worse - in home more private space in walls - more personal devices - children more wacth tv then before and have more tv and smaller devices - implication phys act are privatizing too much - suburbaniztion omportant trend from private to oublice inverse - health - Canada highest rates of diseases linked to sunshine early in life like ms Canada highest rates in world - Link vit d - Housing interization of livng - Even during leisure time - Inside more fo a draw, more jobs inside - Pole attracting inside and push less outside - Lower investment in public resources like sports leagues, park - More time at work and not time for free time young and old benefit - Interization of living important in Canada and how address that 6 - Ownsership, 2 thrids people own home canada - Mortgage keep paing number of years be yours - Sill pay prop tax and amintenace - Home ownsership positive benfits if prices is low and people purchase wrong time deep trouble - Realesate 2007 and 2008 - 20 to 30 percent prior to buying - Stresses worth less then paid for anxiety and shame people walking away - In Canada harder to walk away - Ownership last generations have been lucrative depends on demo - Baby boomers reach retirement and downsize - Downsizing create supply of homes on market suppress prices - Eco good ddesciens many factor - Home owner good outcomes, more stable greater ability reflect identity - Homes nicer then too rent pay morea amenites more appealing - Long term price increase with inflation - Con illegwent assest, hard to sell and high transaction cost - 10 percent with all fees selling home and months t sell - Renting pop but not as nice unites and ownership but offer flexibity - Renters not same seurty can be displaced id home owner wants to occupy within 60 days notice - Renters cannot have unit reflect identity as well other ways make home feel homey - Owning renting most common tenure arrangements - In Toronto narrow lot, trad home not wide less then 200 feet wide narrow and long and homes attached to other hom
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