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Brent Berry

SOC364 OCT 31, 2012 Critical alt perspective urban health - Relative of public health to medicine - Improve health outcomes - Other is Alt perspective - Study how intervention around comm. Gardening in community broad challenges can be positive - Spill over in social contacts - Interventions ground up and give ownership of social processes - Community in toronot known for jack o laterns – has lasting effect in social ties and organizations and feedbacks - Urban agriculture – grow food in cities – spin farming and impact on supply food and relationship with each other - Poorest parts of the world in india what are health challenges their and basic challeneges and how they vary from poorest parts and richest parts - Ours is chronic ass with lifestyle - Different then poorest places in the world Cont from last week - Table from last week - How neighborhoods key area of social unit of analysis - Important area and influence - Slie 24 - How measure neighborhoods - Phys env and social and service en - Systematic social observation – measure things consistently over large number of neighborhoods - Send people to collect data - Quality rec places cond street blocks - Quasi experimental methods - Letter drop – drop letter and see how many get mailed to destination – quality popele willing to pick up and mail - More croweded more likely pick up layer or more people willing to trample it - Measure derived from secondary sources – info collected when you shop – sobeyes points info from you to purchase descion – tell a lot of what you buy - Communities consumer - Psyet - Exisiting surveyes done by statscan - Primary data collection – done by yourself - Randomly pick addresses and speak to someone – hard to get interviews these days - Best people to send out is elderly women 50 70 higher yield rate - Focus groups - Speak with experts in the community - Not high status someone who can give measures 25 - Social environment - How feel close to one another in community - Good neighborhood studies 100 comu and 30 to 50 households - Timeuse data, done through time diaries or retrospective reports – what people do with their time - Are watching tv within personal space or in community or outside of community - Community policing programs - Exten political action and social activity - Data not made available easily - Go through paper records - Social disorder measure – and go and videotape communities and people code the video and look view of streetscape and code what they see - Identification of neighborhood boundsaries – everyone same boundaries says a lot variability says a lot too - Stability of neighborhood in and out migration - Number lived their 5 years ago – communites more turnover lower income and othr social conditions more precarious and lower volunteerism - Ethnic economy – entry point of work for many people - Consumer behaviours – quite rich and expensive 26 - Phy en - Quality of rec space - Physical manifiestation of - Conditions of housing – home mortgage disclosure act - Are abandon buildings - Density 0 what density of pop, types of dwellings - And envi toxins and hazards quality of soil emission priox to major roads and all merged together - Presence of different retail and exposure to advertising - Policing what type and level of policing - Putting all together bigger pic of what communities mean to us - Family with children more likely do things in community - Much work located in where people lived in – outside immediate residential neighborhood Today Pub vs med - Neighborhood potential site intervene address people health - Improving spaces - Or for phsycial activity - Control of crime risky beh good point of intercention - Pub health as a field more likely do that - Inst of medicine less focus on what goes on outside of health care setting - Public health outside health care setting - Recommends changes - These are social epidemiologist - Critical as subservenace of public health to medicine - Call for chnges in philosophy of alt approaches - Improving health for greates number - Ins change and sub to medicine - Move from motion of risk to multilevel causes - Public policy – indivisaultion of intervention – powering indi and responsibility on indi and taking resources away from macro level resources - Broaden research methods and to variety of appraiches - Often biased on type or another - Science – seen as objective but hard to be value free so as long as state them and have goals its okay to do that 4 - Conceptual model - Dif social models - Upstream and downstream - More descrete squares, 2 by 2 matrix - Things that are in and com some lean more to one then to other - Disease process – breakdown of bio organism that med sciene - Holistic – health not just of individual but resources not sick but well - See health as ind linked to other things in environment more upstream in sustaining health over the long term - Health as positive - One square curing disease – as manifiest - 4 – more proactively and precentively and upstream how address upstream determinets that prevent people developing health problems down the line and multilevel determinats before health problems are manifested - Battle between one or the other - not one full model but move the needle - Upstream – reduce inequalitie si health and do things about envi - Downstream – resources on part setting and not address inequalities in health not enough resources 5 - Public health activities subsumed in medicine - Medic broad term uk social medicine - Public health subsumed within medicine - Medicine – research in biological sceiences and understand ilnnes and how improve health and stop disease prcess address injury - Have things below it - All focus on health problem – deficit of health – manifestation of disease through service - Only one addressing health before health deficit manifest - Only one focused on enviormnets - Different levels of care depending on intensity and rehab often long process and - Precention conceptually disitinctive – where along the path of disease - Want compression of morbidity - Vestige interest representing this model – people jobs in system that we have 6 - Proper place for public health at the top - Inputs public health are broader - Added social sciences - And epidemiology and biostats – broader input of knowledge - Public health outside realm of health care setting and indi interventions - Comp look at cyclist cities and street car track and runs against cities desire to maintain street car - Public health braoder range of inputs - And deleiver various services - And services aimed at prevention - Design of phys env creating conditions of environment and reg of air and space and fewer people seeking medical care - Not enough power for pub health and infor they have to do anything in terms of environemtn - Oub health enigerring – redisgn space to prevent accidents and from social environet – people enjoy them and benefits of living in a city – seeing other people and watching - Critisicm – bringing in social engineering bring in gov deciding how we should design public
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