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Brent Berry

SOC364 NOV 28, 2012 13 FROM LAST SLIDE 14 - Indian posse - Followed lives of abor family in Winnipeg, gangs drug alc abuse - Family tension - Children who get distant from fathers and mother - And reunited and outside infleucnes - Speaks to the household and family important dimension study jeveniile delinquency and outside influce what extent families control adults and prevent getting into activities - The younger child still living a home interested in brothers done and what are the options whats seen as normal behavior for young people limited things one can do with ones life - Young women with baby move back to rural reserve inersting dynaic with urban aboringal communities movement from one place to another - Frozen river – between us and Canada and on border is reserve the jurisdiction infleucenes are contested - Some stats suggest high propotion of cigs are traffic in aboriginal communites and human trafiicking - Whole nother issue is governance of aboriginals living in cities Today - A lot of interest in issues of obesity from public health perspective not just high end but low end quality and quantity as well as physical activity and urban dimensions, living in city that may be positive or nrgative and how play to health outcomes - Big area of research - Health over last generation is waistline of canad - Not cumalitive - Same format 30 mc 10 sa and 2 hours to complete and scantron and booklet component - Main ideas, some specifitcy to distinguish answers 3 - Food in the first part - Not about changing individual but changing things about the environemt - How infleuce social arrangements to infleuce health eating - Some trends consequences etc - America journal pub health – food and phys activity - Kaufman – relationship food and food system not know where food comes from - No department for food but other infrastructure do, not key part of gov subsidiaries - Food system on urban agenda Summary - Extremely successful species producing food and lot of improvement of food affordable and tasty - A lot of sceine and engineering important business last longer taste better know how to press all the buttons, salt and sugar more the better - Long term appetites they have when lot of scarcity with few sweet food and salt hard to obtain now to abundant same instivncts thousands of years - More food lasts longer - Urban areas eat out more, not look and what ingedirents and proportions - Can change behavior if lower prices of veggies - Us journal but north American perepecitve - Similarities 5 - Is obesity an epidemic - Study food differ perepctve - He looks at input to health outcomes - He interested food into culture - Status rep with food and stigma as well, yuppies not eat at mcdonalds even might like food - 2004 – 7 mill overweight add 4.5 mill obese – a lot of 30 million - Trends where and how live - Smoking important and substance abuse, food intake and excerasice key themese - Urban lifestyle how and where work, - Urban settings benefits on reducing obesity 6 - Bmi - Pop perspective use means and averages low health outcomes higher bmi - Indi high bmi not mean bad health 7 8 - Causal web of influence - Broad influence to specific - Prevelance weifht related issues and major infleuces - Behavior factors, food intake and energy expenditure - Energy expendit less intake gain weight - Regulating that is genetics, not all weght gain - Some high metablosim and how things inter relate complex don’t know all of it - Things choose to eat and exercise - The food system – who eat food with - Sports may be importsant availbilty and grew up doing, feel confident and available - Lesire activity – phys act during leisure time – time not at work or other activities not considered lesirie - And work related - And feeds into two determinets of overwight and obesity - Infleuce – is ses, choices is community live in what is available , media and markeying - Availability and accesibilty of food - Planning – like walkabily of comm, - Public safety – less inclined do activity if less secure live internally inside homs more sedentary behavior - Public transport more routine phsyci active from walking more urbanized and those areas people walk more not urbanized area and national regional factor - Policies many domains - Eco, culture, family - Market centric mentality in lives - Post indistrilaizations - Less supportive state state less involved, supports that were once there are no longer there - Private public partnerships, state not centrally important - And media programs and marketing - 10 15 years ago tv time today its screen time - Use devices not mobile - Most marleting through screen - Quebec report getting mobilized 9 - Core food challenges - Supply of and desire for fresh food - Contempory time efficient moving things around - Hinterland around city and city itself - Food further from the city in level of fertile land greater often big challgne supply food to cities - Ancient cities people starved coordinating flow of food - Not effective then in growing and issues of organzition and cost get in the way - Potential supply for everyone - Desire food developed to appeal to taste buds and appeal for taste not supple nuttient dense charterices natural food provide us. Largely micro nutrient voided but taste good – pseudo foods - Food not as fresh - More disadvantaged parts of food taste good low nutrients - Food major advertisier - Food Is convience food is advertised - Maybe more time pressure - And smaller hosehold and cooking a meal one person less likely cook healthier ambitious meal - Pricing higher in urban areas, cost of operating rents paying everyone and distrance grown is higher - Out of home eating challenge and more expenisece simple food more expensive - Time and prep space at home smaller residecen units and kitchens comprimised clutered then other area - Food banks is one step, acquiring food and creating healthy food second step is neglected on food and equity and lots of social aspects - Socialbitlty of eating smaller homes, when do thing co op do things better, healthier activietes when have meals with other people - Awareness of agri not know where grown – comm. Gardening one way addressing the problem 10 - Greater full supply then ever - Meat grown more fat then 100 years ago the cow - Raw energy more - Soft drink up and sweetened with corn syrup due to diff relations with sugar producers in Canada more sugar - Less milk consumption - Milk diff parts of life and either man or women - Eating out increased, and selling food costumer be happy not cost a lot to make food bigger and food restaurants tried to please people - Regulations try to reduce portions size and dislcoure of information - Reduce size of cups, making x large cups unavailable - Most restaraunts in Ontario get nutrient info Urban vs non urban - Fresh food farther away - Lot of variability - Certain parts fruit and veggies consumption higher then rural area - Only part of picture when looking at central tendency - Why variability and think of major domains why people eat certain things and not others - Cost ass with factors fun issue - Lure of conceincance food in urban bc both spouses work full time - Conciencce food is appealing - Two households more likely both work then in past - Prep space smaller then rural area then lower density area - Lots of variation by cities - Detroit for long time not have single major grocery store in entire downtown deterot 2004 got super k mart - St james town disadvatged comm. In Toronto has grocery stores on either corner and many more in walking distrance - Differences between city and within city Advertisitignn 12 - Key levers think about doing something about problem - Foodsscape marketing is pervasive - Urban areas are advertising rich and succeptile to foodscape marketing - In regards to children - School increased addicted to revenue to vending machines - Tobacco and acl a lot of acitviesm adrrssing food scape marketing and making more choices availbael - More brand choices, - Marketing push less healthy choices marketed more - Higher profits - What types have highest profit margin – candy, sugar is really cheap and can last on shelf for a while and cereals, and watch commercial Saturday morning cartoons lots of advertising - Psychology and sociology in designing the grocery store how people travel through isles what kind of imagery - Marketing of ready to eat cereal to chiderne - High self life and most appeakling chidlern 13 - Looked at major grocery stores in Canada and looked at visual economu all things atteacting eyeballs - Rep of choices is looking all options in cereal isle - Perspective of child - Coloring and spokes characters and promising prizes, used to be more prizes of cereal - Coloring, placement important aspects - Marleting on boxes and positioning of height and prizes tie in with movies - Amusment parks in summer reduced ticket prices - Intended capture interst of children - Marketing of cereals and nutrient value so sugar sat fat, sodium Pricing 14 - Are sensitive to prcing see sale different color label may see something they want how change food pricing to get people eat healthy - Tax unhealthy food - Sin taxes food high then standard levels of sodium or sugar and incentives on healthy food - Counter to predominate idealogy run society nanny state not infringement on market buy on markey - What do get people ehaltier not infringing on individual liberties - Domain of food get that happening - Uirban areas high conce of poor people Income not ass with total calories consumped but of type - Food security is quality not quanitiy - Calories level not ass but type of food is - Less dense high cal and high dense low dense calories - Chips high macro but low micronturients - Long term spend less income on food then 80 to 90 years ago - Food consid
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