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Brent Berry

SOC364 OCT 24 2012 Toronto starvital signs ImmigrationHow do we deal with diversity of the city Adjustments living in a city in TorontoThemes on youth at risk youth Crimescrime is high among young adultsQuote on quote at risk communities Patterning of disadvantagewhat is some of the important causesDifferent perspective macro to micro and everything in betweenNeighborhood more social environments And how they are important in helping at risk youth and others like the elderly example being the heat wave in Chicago in 1990s and what goes on and tracing causation from micro to macroReport interesting pieces of information size of city and boundaries Issues you see in the media OverweightYesterday Canadian doctorslabeling packages with warning and tough talk and consequencesIndividualistic society civil libertarian extent to which we can gonot people look at labels Green belt area around larger region that is trying to restrict sprawling and encourage investment within existing urban environmentHousingthe cost of housing has gone up and rental housing not same extent but issues about cost and health and various forms of housing Vertical city is healthy cityDifferent forms of housingshould government be involved in housing Concentrated disadvantageAlt to public housing is market provide housing If city sold are social housing private landlords provide housing Where social housing is located and economic segregation Explaining patterns of urban health ReadingsFuchs how social enviroemnt is imprtnatRowleyneighborhood effectsassessing neighborhood effectsThe challenges And yen and symetake a lot of motivation from social sciences in theories and frams how social envirment effectsIf social environment constrain similar outcomesUnderlying ideologies between individual and contextuala lot of people bring to indivual and assign indivual responsibility
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