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University of Toronto St. George
Brent Berry

WK 3 1 Pre-industrial revolution  Hunter-gatherer societies  Nomadic  Environmental risks  Predators, pathogens, access to food  Slow population growth  fewer offspring  Child spacing  Infanticide  Communal  Less than 100  Interaction and support Agricultural Revolution (15th century)  Farming communities and towns  Complexity and hierarchy  Increased population  Sanitation and hygiene  Health of population becomes a focus  Food and nutrition primary determinant of good health  However, research suggests that nourishment was not the only factor contributing to good health….  also a product of cultural and social changes…. The Industrial Revolution and beyond (17th century)  Education, conscious of hygiene, improved sanitation  Hygiene movement  19th and early 20th century  Progressive initiatives to control venereal diseases, regulate prostitution a nd other lifestyle vices, extended sexual education to the population, used technology to enhance a safe and healthy living  Advanced critical thinking, sense of control, and coping strategies associated wi th risks and health problems  Despite these advancements, a health gradient emerges and persists  Inequality in nutrition  Marker--height differences across classes Whitehall study (Marmot, 1967, cohort studies)  Study examined determinants of health among British male civil servants aged 20-6 4 (originally).  Focus on cardiorespiratory disease and mortality  Results  The first of its kind to find a strong inverse association between class of work a nd mortality WK 3 2
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