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Lecture 7

Lecture 7: housing, homelessness and health

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Brent Berry

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Lecture 7: housing, homelessness and health  Housing differentiate private from public o Changes over time o Differences by neighborhood type o Role of suburbanization  Interiorization of living o Health effects  Types of housing and tenure o Ownership o Rental o Alternative tenure arrangements  Cohousing  Life-lease  Shared equity arrangements  Inequalities in housing o Crowding o Adjusting for population growth  National housing act  CMHC o Core housing need measurement o Housing segregation  Voluntary and involuntary factors  Role of group preferences o Zoning and affordable housing  Inclusionary and exclusionary zoing o Trends and inequalities sin house sizes Chronic vs episodic homelessness  Episodic homelessness: the inability to obtain shelter for temporary period  Chronic homelessness: prolonged homelessness b/c of physical or mental incapability to obtain sustainable shelter and other material goods o Increased in Canada over the past 2 decades Causes of homelessness  Complex, numerous, individual-specific  Traumatic events  Mental and physical health problems Increase in homelessness  Role of urban redevelopment/gentrification  Role of affordable housing  Role of deinstitutionalization Exacerbating problems for homeless  Changes in family  Quality of jobs  Treatment of mental health problems Counts in homeless shelters  Counts tend t
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