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University of Toronto St. George
Brent Berry

Urban Health Lecture September 26, 2012 • Barriers between relatively affluent areas and areas that are still developing • Toronto has highrises all over the city because most cities tend to cluster the highrises in one area; you often have people living in the same census tract but from different housing • Parkdale: traditionally had lots of social housing, high levels of disadvantage, fairly affluent area, robust art scene • Things change; city of Toronto has changed dramatically and we often point to change or immigration and ethnicity but the economy has had an impact on our economic wellbeing Readings • Kaplan: speaks to sociology’s contributions to understanding urban health o Social epidemiologist o He thinks there is too much emphasis on downstream proximal causes [things that are close to you] o He thinks that as a society, we are putting too much of our resources into explaining health in a micro; we need a multi- level approach in order to really understand it o If you think about health proximally then move distally, as we move further back, the environment gets more broader o We start with ourselves and we get diseases and age which doesn’t have too much to do with
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