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Bonnie Fox

Social Construction of ‘Women’s Work’ Women – morally stronger than men – kids learn to be morally strong – idea of women morally strong is very widely used – EX. Deviance in teenagers – mother is working Women are naturally unfit for economics – not a lot of women leading companies Social construction of home Labour of love components 1. Who you labour for is people you love – work people = family 2. 24 hours, happens all the time Patriarchy Set of social relation between men – through socialization hierarchy are created also create interdependences because it creates access to materials – why important? – Men’s control over women’s labour power Wanting to control social organization and structure – controlling access to resources – Important component – patriarchy, roles – social order of thing Labour force of women – work and care giving at home, going home work doesn’t count – unpaid labour at home How does idea of gender affect idea of work? – Sociologist did a study - men and women doing – men are more influenced on what the gender is - men are also saying marginal activity carried out by women is work than women is more likely to define themselves – childcare, unanimously say childcare is not considered work – importance of social reproduction - Why men think that childcare is work when a woman is doing it? - If we can’t test hypothesis then its BS - Stereotyping is what blocks men and women from doing some things that they want to do Counting Women’s Unpaid Work Marilyn Waring (1988) - Wants to find out what GDP is? What about unpaid work by women? By not recognizing all unpaid work by women it makes unp
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