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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Stephen Reid

Soc 366 Wed Jan 9 lec 1 • Structure and agency- its like dichotomy – sociology is interested in work choices people make, like the state of the economy of finding a job and you should be in school because the state of the economy is not in a good shape • Structural factors like gender, race, ethnicity, class, immigrant all these statuses impact the structure or structure your choices • Constrained choice of an individual that makes choices that is not clear for sociologists – the choice of an individual is not satisfactory for why most women are in the wok in the care field and men in construction and it is not enough – why people are located to where they are? it is not enough t say women are more committed to their family that they do the jobs they do, its more to it like the intersection to being structured to more roles • Sex vs. gender- sex is biological differences between male and female (hormonal, chromosomal) we will use it as a biological explanation, the example of caster who was a runner and ran and told her she was a male because she had a lot of testosterone in her • Gender- is a social construction – they re the traits of the notion of masculinity and femininity that get pressed on the sexes, we make them up, they have to do with how people see you and treat you the way they perceive you, and have to do with your self conceptions towards the gender • Gender is a social construction since the colour pink was for a boy now it is for girls, secretary now is a notion for women, and they get embedded in jobs, and we think of male or female that are competent for a particular jobs, and very few are integrated with one another • Social constructing of gender and instutioanlization of gender • Social construction- we create gender, we crate the world of 2 sexes and we do not even think about it and we just do it , and it gets institutionalized and we think of it naturalized since we keep doing it, how we think of felinity and masculinity that are culturally approportae , example in articles of a boy wanting to play with Barbie, or a boy wanting to cook in kitchen but could not since it was pink. Doing gender is a another perspective – gender is a performance, we dress in a certain way and we exchange these assumptions with other people • Institutionalized aspect- they get into occupation, we close our eyes and think of fire fighter we think of males and that is problematic, the institutional o to that how gender gets into that into jobs, state, and family, they influence the organization and exchange in families and unpaid work. • Gender differentiation and bias- labeling it is not bad, or any social construction of race is not all bad, since this is how we organize ourselves, the label isn’t the problem, the problem is the treatment of the label. The act of noticing it, what that label mobilizes like :I think I am female I like females better so I will treat female better as a prof” but this label activates different treatment and that is the issue. What is the underline process and how does that translate into the treatment? • West and Zimmerson- this was published in 87 and popular of article of gender written, it’s helpful to understand the concepts with this course. This article shows gender not being just a trait, femininity being pink and passive and into doing it- by interact
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