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University of Toronto St. George
Linda Feng

SOC367 Week 8 – October 30 Service Labor - Arlie Hochschild: Emotional Labor (1983): the efforts involves in managing emotions so that one’s feelings are consistent with the organizational or occupational display rules, regardless of whether they are discrepant with the inner feelings Millian Kang’s Body Labor - Body labor: o Built upon Arlie Hochschild’s emotional labor; but plays greater attention to the embodied dimension of service work o Body labor: a form of gendered work that involves the management of emotions in bodily service provision o Looks at the intersections of race, class and gender in shaping the performance of body labor - Three nail salons, three types of body labor: Uptown Nails Downtown Nails Crosstown Nails Customer White, middle-upper Black working and Racially mixed, lower- Demographics class lower-middle class middle and middle class Meanings of nail A regular “treat” to Mean of self- Unitarian measure for care for customers themselves expression work Valued qualities in Pampering and Creativity, originality Efficiency, workers emotional and technical skill predictability and attentiveness affordability Required emotion Caring and Respect and fairness Courteous but labor attentiveness minimal Economic incentive Relying on tips Making regulars Ensuring high turn- for workers over Types of body labor High-service body Expressive body labor Routinized body labor labor - We can see how the gendered practices of body labor becomes the locus of expressing and negotiating race and class hierarchies between white, black and Asian women - High-service body labor, is similar to the style of caring, attentive emotional labor practiced in Hochschild’s flight attendants and conforms to the feeling rules of white- middle class women - Expressive body labor focuses on the physical appearance and artistry of the nails and the communication of respect and fairness in serving mostly working – and lower-middle class African American and Caribbean customers - Routinized body labor stresses efficiency, predictability, affordability and competency in physical labor and a courteous but no-frills style of emotional labor to mostly lower- middle and middle-class racially mixed female customers - These body labor types, while enacted at the micro level, reflect the social condition of the neighborhoods in which the sales are located and the clients they serve - Illustrates how similar to these dynamics of commodifying reproductive labor and farming it out at low wages to less privileged women, body services and the emotional labor accompanying it (what is known as body labor) have become increasingly commercialized and designated as racialized immigrant women’s work Kimberly Hoang Study of Sex Work in HCMC - Examined the systematic classed analysis of both sides of client-worker relationships - There are three sectors: o Low-end sector: that caters to local Vietnamese men o Mid-tier: caters to white backpackers o High-end sector: caters to overseas Vietnamese men - Hoang: argues that sex work is an intimate relationship best illustrated by the complex intermingling of money and intimacy - Clients in hig
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