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Lecture 6

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SOC367 – Week 6 October 16, 2013 Reproductive Labor I The issue of fertility: how is it experienced differently by women from different class backgrounds in the U.S.? - What are the different solutions? - Lower-class white women – Bell’s article - Middle-class white women – Ruddrapa’s article Focus on Bell’s article in today’s lecture • Social construction of infertility, United states, issue of fertility and issue of middle-class women (problem faced) and lower-class women are constructed too fertile. • But in reality, it doesn’t capture because in fact lower class women are as likely to be infertile as middle class women. Social construction of Infertility 1) Motherhood ideologies - Motherhood mandate: basically pushing all women should be others - Intensive mothering: when women gives birth to baby, she should just sacrifice and child-centered approach - Intersection of Motherhood mandate vs. Intensive mothering: produce and reinforce “proper motherhood” 2) Medicalization – infertility is issued and needs to be treated by the medicine - Social norms includes biological reproduction; traditional family values based on - Middle-class women, by affording medical treatment, they are able to enter social world and enable to achieve those social norms - Their issues are not recognized (low-cl
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