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SOC367- Week 11 (Last class) Market, State, and Regulation of Body SociologicalApproach to the body - It is subject to the forces of the state and market - Different in social construction Iron Brigades in 1960s Socialist China - Women portrayed as strong as men - Social revolution - Natural Modern Women in Post-1980 China - Consumer culture and consumption of Western product - Feminize, celebrate in China Evelyn Nakano Glenn and the study of skin-lightening industry - Skin Lightening ▯ colorism, graduation of skin tone within and between race and ethnicity st Expanded consumption of skin lightening products in the 21 century Colonial Legacy and Racism - British ad selling “Pear’s soap”  dark skin, you should wash up by soaps - American ad selling “Fairy soap”  why doesn’t your mama wash you with fairy soap? Something that undesirable and makes you wash off - Colonialism, only answer? - Glenn, multinational preparation The importance of Global Political Economy - It is important to consider the rise of multinational corporations (MNCs) and their marketing strategies - Detecting Dark skin something as painful MNCS: Unilever (Fair and Lovely) in India - India: used to be a British colony (17 – mid 20 century) - Light skin is associated with intelligence and attractiveness - After the economic liberalization, expansion of cosmetics and skin care products in Indian market  Fair and lovely is the top selling cosmetic product in India (lightening cream; fairness crème) e.g) what does theAD associate light skin with? The lighter you are, improve your economic mobility and make you smile (happiness) Skin color as symbolic capital (AnotherAD) What is the company associated the lighter color? - Beauty, power, acceptance, success - Modernized life-style - Lighter skin makes her ease with the revenge; before she used the lightening product, she couldn’t get a job and after she used this product, she became the westernized woman and she’s getting a nice job - What does the man doing here? Becoming white, she goes to higher class and more likely to find a better husband. - She’s being more accepted, attractiveness and form of power which enables to change the life Glenn’s main argument - When we examine the persistence in colorism, we need to consider not only the legacy of colonialism and racism, but also the rise of MNCs and its regulation of women’s bodies - Not pay attention to the local market for the test (19 mins) Pei Chia Lan and the study of migrant women in Taiwan Structural Continuity of Reproductive Labor o Migrant women in domestic work and cross-b
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