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nov 20 soc week 11 last lecture  20/11/2013 19:43:00 sociological approach to the body : they approach is more recently that the body is subjected to historical legacy. So the body is historical, social and cultural context to see how it is regulated by different social regulations. - how women’s body is subjected to state ? In China they are in the states agenda and in the 1960s China was in a socialist revolution and they aimed to reduce gender and class difference and women’s body were portrayed as strong as men however since the 1980 women’s body have changed in China they have gone through market revolution – nowadays feminized women represent states economic progress and modernity and women back time were unnatural and todays women are more celebrated in china - Nakano – light industry- why has skin lightening become popular in the 21 century? she said it has something to do with colourism and its discrimination against those with darker skin. She finds colorism is not a new thing because women from different parts of the world have been using this nothing new - colonial legacy and racism has to do with colorism – the British ad – selling soap and the second one is an American ad – used by British empire to bring hygiene and modernity in India and It is evident that dark skin is something to be washed off and the same thing was the American one which says why does you mom not wash with soap - but colonial and legacy tells only the part of the story since after it colorism should have improved- so 21 colorism has not only proceeded but gone to the global scale and it has to do with multinational cooperation’s – they create economic forces that help to create a likeness for light skin by their products by depicting the dark skin as something painful and depressing - India used to be a British colony and skin colour is associated with attractiveness and intelligence that is light skin – After economic liberation there has been an expansion in economic and since introduction to India it has been the largest cream selling in India - the professor showed us this ad- how did it associate with light skin colour? The Faire and Lovely cream –the close to white you are the more success you have, you can get a job- so it is associated with economic opportunity, happiness, and mobility - Glenn is saying that skin colour is a symbolic for capital - another ad the prof showed us from Fair and Lovely- The plot of the whole ad was in India – and they are associating skin colour with beauty, so before she used this product she was looking for a job and this woman at the counter did nt allow her and then she used this product and then she has become a western woman and she was on the plane and now she is getting a job and there was a man that seemed successful and this allowed her an opportunity to become married to man to even higher her status- and the emotional state o
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