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SOC388 lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George

SOC388 NotesLecture 1 IntroductionJanuary 12We will study what we do in everyday life and why we do itHow we feel about things what we think and how we react emotionallyex looking at the time structuring our time and spaceFocus on microfactorssmaller scale not looking at gender race socioeconomic status etcwe look at smaller factors that influence who we are and what we do connection between individual and societyFacetoface social interactionsinterpreting these phenomena at the level of meaningMeaning the meaning we give to what we do and how we understand itPresentation of self and what shapes the way we do thingsSelf concepts how we develop our selfimage through interactions with othersfacetoface interactionsSocial order tells us how to do things and gives us cues to develop ourselvesThemes classics intercollective conscience writings on how we see ourselves lookingglass self clothes speech and behaviour around people embarrassment a sociological process the same things embarrass us and the way it happens follows a pattern Durkheim and suicide time clocks schedules how to distinguish goodbad acceptableunacceptable food whats appropriate to eat managing personal relationships how we end our relationships and change our identities after a breakup the way we think about the future we tend to focus on the positive rather than negative thingsThis is all symbolic interactionism or interpretive perspectiveswe interpret peoples meanings not just what they do2 implicationsIn focusing on meaning there is culturea framework that shapes and gives meanings to what we doWe study social focuses at
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