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Page 1 FEB 16 2012 SOC388 SOCIOLOGY IN EVERYDAY LIFE Goffman • Dramatic Realization • Impression Management • Project Definition of the situation • Idealization • Identity negotiation • Interaction rituals • Impression (given, given off) • Division of labour is important for maintaining a smooth interaction • We also need to remember that whenever we are in a situation, we have rights and obligations o There are certain claims that are made in this situation and they must be honoured. o The fact that we tend to honour these roles, that avoids conflict. o It’s when there is a breakdown of these roles, there are conflict • Because the situation is already defined, there is a script we follow. We know them already and we follow them because we’ve encountered those situations before • There is a reproduction of established ideas. We reproduce ideas that are already well-established in our community. • We take these scripts for granted and it becomes very automatic • People adjust to different people they talk to o For example, people might dress differently when they are going on a date, or going to an inteview • What is it that we rely on, to say ‘we trust this person’? o Goffman says we tend to look for impressions that people give off, to contrast them to the impressions that people give. o Basically, people can give off an impression that is very different from what they give. • We may feel an obligation to do a performance a lower position FEB 17 2012 SOC388 SOCIOLOGY IN EVERYDAY LIFE SP.TG Page 2 than what he or she would actually accept (eg. Sometimes people don’t want to appear over-qualfied for jobs) • When women played a role of traditional women – this is where the notion of front stage and back stage comes up. o Notion is that front stage is where people are performing and backstage is where people can relax o When we are in these face to face interactions, the other notion is that there is always a negotiation – what goffman calls an identity negotiation. o We are always projecting an identity o We are always responding to other people o There is a negot
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