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SOC388 – SOCIOLOGY IN EVERYDAY LIFE FEB 9 2012 – LECTURE 5 TG. SP Announcement - The midterm is right after the reading week - We will have some time to have you ask questions, but we won’t do review. - You are welcome to come to prof’s office hour Goffman - Important figure in sociology who was born in Canada - He looks at dynamics of sociological factors that shape interactions - Sociologists get data sets, fieldwork, census data, etc. this is the most standard way of working with sociology. But he had different approach. He combined many different sources and data (observation, conversation with people, jokes he heard, fiction writing, etc.) and used these things to develop theory. - Using these methods and different kinds of data and came up with Dranaturgical Approach o His interest in identity had to do with Projected identity – projecting image of who we are o We observe physical appearance o I can show myself in a general way I show myself so others can get a sense of who we are o We formulate our identities in routine ways o Some of them might be the way we talk, way we sit, way we tie hair, etc. o All these can formulate impression of who we are - Impression management o Managing our impression of who we are ourselves o We are all hypocrites - That is task we all need to engage in o The reason why this is called Dranaturgical approach – is because it has to do with acting (theatre) o A lot of metaphors – when we go to theatre, they overdo their gesture, overdo their makeup, etc. because that gives cues of who they are o They can give us a story by managing the impression that actors have. - Your job must be another stage, your family, friends, gym… you are managing different impressions in them all. This is notion that life is a theatre and we rely on other peoples o We are wearing some kind of mask o It is not deceiving but we do behave differently depending on audience o We all have multiple sense – not schizophrenic but we just act like it on normal basis o Just like in the theatre in life, it is not all the stage.  Front stage – impressing ourselves in face-to-face interactions  Backstage – we can relax since we are not showing anybody SOC388 – SOCIOLOGY IN EVERYDAY LIFE FEB 9 2012 – LECTURE 5 TG. SP - What factors affect how we act in these settings
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