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Lecture 4

SOC395H1 Lecture 4: SOC395 - 4

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Rachel La Touche

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Conflict Perspective Functionalist Perspective Occupational Prestige SEI and SES Case Study: How you compare to the US Moving Forward Announcement How do you recognize a persons class before you know anything about them? Indicators of class: Clothing ------------------------ misleading because this may not be consistent with lives at home Body language and speech --------- Grooming Neighborhood ------- gratification Associates (willingly) Occupation Hobbies/leisure/vacation Food ------ may favour more variety of foods (cultural omnivores not really a clear class) Education Material goods ----- may buy things that are out of their range but they still buy it Income/wealth *course material* lecture resources* theorist work sheet* -- for the test shift in social inequality research - Traditional understandings of class Marx extended by Weber - Occupation linked with income - Participation in work allows people to earn an income* Marx believed that people wanted to work --- productive and enjoyable = people wanted to do this - Capitalism is the prob. (ALIENTATION) - Alienates people from the enjoyable and productive aspect of life (perverts understanding of work) DIMENSION = the specifiable aspect of the variable Conflict Perspective Functionalist Perspective Marx, Weber * (classical) Durkheim* (classical) Erik Olin Wright, Dahrendort* Parsons, Davidson and Moore (contemporary) (contemporary//neo-Marxist) WEALTH --- more inequality that INCOME Dimensions can be measured in different ways Intersectionality: Interactions between meaningful social statuses such as race, class and gender that impact opportunities and life trajectories *Kenshaw* -- how people see things
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