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Lecture 2

SOC396H1 Lecture 2: soc imagination lec 2

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- Evo bio is the landing point it is the reason why we became socio-historical - Once we reached that evo the real point is in socio- histo it makes us the variety of human beings we become- we live diff lives but diff soc his reality mills says this is a good social science - Other thing that become important with soc his is the Notion of system - Functionalism ( the system of society is there to provide a function ) - System -problematic because it presupposes too much order mills says society are messy what might be functional for one group is not true for other - Why are there many societies and not just one? Why do societies change? (mills the human variety:castoriadis the imaginary institutions) - Eg. Human created eco system that relied on slavery - Human diversity seems to stands out especially when we put is in comparison with other species - Foundation of soc science (variety is the problem we try to explain) a thing like socialization every human society will have it but think of the dif how it takes place 2- history is: ontological genesis. Self constitution and self transformation a ceaseless. Uneven process of self alteration. The protean creation of new roles. Institutions, practices, cultures, worldviews, selves, experience, etc - Hobb- why we need state? He breaks is down to human nature - Rousu gives it a positive turn to human nature The social components change; the constellations/articulations/configurations change. And the process and dynamics of change also change. (herakleitos and panta rhei!) - The fate of our planet depends on economic system everything in our world depends on it - The rise of capitalism biggest change how the world was represented introduced a system by which we extract from nature - Planet took another shaped when industrialization took place which was based on human muscles before it changed the eco system I. The social historical is not nature of system but praxis and II. Humanity is its self produced history and changing forms of sociality - Praxis means practice as a result we are changing our self Praxis: instantiates a dialectic of structure and agency Human action is not behaviour mead o we act with ideas in mind Praxis a doing a transaction active from prasso to achieve bring about not phahos a suffering being acted upon The dialectical logic of praxis: The interplay of constraints (material, social) And autonomy /freedom (powers material and social) …..which can change the existing matrix of constraints …. Project( as active praxis->structural objectification->thir internalization via socia
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