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Ito Peng

W6 SOC478H Educational outcomes and their origins Parental educational level does have a really important influence in the chances of children participating in post secondary education Impact parent SES and educational background do have a positive correlation with children going to secondary education. Some difference between the situation in the state and in Canada Proportion of people with low income background go to university in Canada compared to the US/ but still is lower than those of higher income background in Canada and US Parents matter a lot to your future educational success Why the difference in US and in Canada? Cost of university/ public vs. private institutions/ has to do with composition of the minority groups (student from lower socio-economic background tend to be visible minority groups), in US larger proportion of African American, and in Canada larger proportion of Asians  Public policy is really important [access to university, government funding to universities, public and private] particularly important from lower economic background  Look at the population composition/ be carful of comparison What about other measurable factors: read to you, talk to you, = cultural capital support/ more then just about how much money they make – environment in which you grow up can also determine your future success Key question need to address in public policy: is post-secondary education a real grade equalizer? (The way educational system is now is it creating or forcing equality)/ why the expansion of post secondary education has not lowered inequality (more people have the opportunity to go to school and the inequality has increased)/ what factors influence access to post secondary education (money, access… and measurement of factors)/ does money really matter and is it just about money? /Wh
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