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University of Toronto St. George
Ito Peng

W2 SOC 478H What are the roles of public policy? What is a good society? What are the roles of inequality? Is it a problem that gross income is unequal and it has been growing in Canada and elsewhere? To be part of the OECD you have to high national incomes (organization of economically advance countries). Every one of the OECD countries has since an increase in income  The inequality in income is important for public policy: it has direct and indirect impact on a social level in a county / inequality in terms of racism that resulting in the under utilization of human capital (doctor driving a taxi)  a social inequality not necessarily caused by income inequality  Economically and Socially or spatial, inequality can cause less socially cohesion, social tension and social conflict and some cases social embrace  Public policy makers should be concerned with inequality (in Paris and the putting in the suburbs the poor black) since it has a direct or indirect impact on the society.  Another reasons is it raise really important moral and ethical questions such as social justice and fairness, fundamentally is it alright for a society to have such level of inequality? And how high should it go? What is tolerable? The answer to these question are difficult since no strong consensus exists Articles:  Think is a problem vs. it’s not a problem, (Inequality vs. poverty)  Income inequality  a technical term that measure the fairness of the income distribution, how unequally the income is distributed in a country. Use the GINI coefficient to measure the levels of inequality in a country (close to zero then no inequality and when close to close you have a high level of inequality. In the world it’s around 0,2 and 0,8). In Canada the GINI index is around 0,32. o GINI index most of the OECD counties have been increasing over the last 10 years. Since the last economical crises, the GINI has really increased (not necessarily because
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