SPA100Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Infinitive

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6 Aug 2016
Subject Pronouns
Singular Meaning Plural Meaning
yo I nosotros we (masc.)
you (fam.) nosotras we (fem.)
usted you (form.) vosotros you (masc., fam.)
él he vosotras you (fem., fam.)
ella she ustedes you (form.)
ellos they (masc.)
ellas they (fem.)
Pronouns as Objects of Prepositions
Singular Meaning Plural Meaning
me nosotros(as) us
ti you (fam.) vosotros(as) you (fam.)
Ud. you (form.) Uds. you (form.)
él him ellos them (masc.)
ella her ellas them (fem.)
The Definite Article
Masculine Feminine English article
Singular el la the
Plural los las
The Indefinite Article
Masculine Feminine English article
Singular un una a (an)
Plural unos unas some
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