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Tutorial Outlines what was covered in tutorial on January 21. Mainly covers some important points from the story "Cajas de carton" from page 236 as it was hinted that this story would be the theme of the upcoming composition.

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Violeta Lorenzo

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Friday January 21, 2011
SPA 220 Y
Upcoming composicion in Tutorial
- gonna be about a previous reading done(all); possibly “Cajas de carton”
- need to use preterito imperfecto ( + imperito )
Cajas de carton (p.236)
- narrador: Francisco aka Panchito
- based on true story
- su familia recorre frutas (?); son piscadores
- from Mexico - find city Hellisco (?)
- 3rd paragraph can’t speak Spanish – speaks broken Spanish
- Panchito tiene 11 (?) anos bc in 6th grade
- Notice in text language not very formal; many itos + -itas (dimiunishes..)
- Carcacha junk; old stuff
- Moved Fresno in California (?)
- P.237 5th paragraph description of lifestyle = poor (don’t have windows,
simple, many living in a small place)
- Solivan ?
- Reading is sad..
- Look for diminitives, end in ito/a
- 4th paragraph “quando me despertei…”
-> when fruit falls, esta pesado and Panchito is describing himself as a fruit
like that
- pay attention to word use
Que significo la mudanza para Panchito en “Cajas de Carton?”
Que representa para ti la mudanza?