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Kenneth Mills

Over thousands of years people develop immunity because of coexistence in. Smallpox, measels, common cold, indigenous Americans had no immunity. They were isolated from the African and asians pool of contagions for centuries. “American” disease were not among the most deadly. This is why the Europeans did not die en masse. Smallpox was the worst. Disease was probably the prime reason for Indian death in the early contact years. Waves of disease and plague hit the Spanish colonies. 80-90% of the first generations died. Oviedo believes that the Taino population went from 1,000,000 to 500 people Las casas thinks it was closer to 5 million Others think closer to 8 million However, between 1,3,and 8 million people were killed in the first generation. People in the jungal frontiers escaped the high death rates because of seclusion, but also means they develop no immunity and could be killed off later. Poor nutrition made people more succeptible to disease Missionaries tried to stop people from fishing. This also hurt their nutrition. Practices of death: Mourning, burial rituals, being around dead bodies also facilitates disease spread Notion of fatalism entered into peoples minds. People thought life had gotten so bad that they decided not to reproduce. Between 1519-1630 New Spain lost about 97% of its population. 25,000,000 to 750,000 Peru 1532-1620 9,000,000 to 672,000 (less than 7.5% of contact pipulation) Remember, Europeans did not intend to kill so many people. More and m
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