smc 208 lec 13 oct 25

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Published on 27 Nov 2012
Smc 208 lec 13 oct 25
All the articles were from the 1st part of the second part
o About god and god in himself as one as three and as the creator and his creation
o The second part has to do with how human beings are to become the human beings
that god intended us to be
And here is where we see grace, which helps us become what god intended us
to be
God gave us grace through Christ (106 a1)
110 is about what is grace
Is grace something in us? Or is it god’s graciousness to us
Tq says its something that’s in us that transforms us and its purpose is
to draw us closer to a intimate relationship with god
o If you are going to have intimate relationship with someone
there will be a trusting and sharing; we are going to have to
share god’s very life
o Its about knowing and loving god
relationship is on the base of knowledge and love; and we relate this to
our mind and then to our will; two capacities within us
grace is elevens(elevate us) and smanas(heals us)
o god wants to enable us in knowing him and love him beyond
our physical human natural capacity.
o Faith elevates the mind; the mind is lifted and open up to god
and the will is the same thing and hope and love are in the will
Grace is not just hope faith and love or holy spirit moving us and leading
us; he has this idea that in order t lift us up god in some way would
modify our identity; so mind and will are capacities that come from the
soul and grace is the elevating of the soul to produce the acts of love
and faith
A lot of his arguments’ are not proven; his arguments’/replies are fitting, appropriate,
o He has great confidence in the rational way of god
o Gods actions are not arbitrary they make sense
o God respects what god makes and his far greater gift is that god to allow us to do things
beyond our capacity
o Grace can mean a touch of god’s inspiration
o Actual graceacts by which god moves us, inspires us etc
o But TQ is interested in habitual grace which is god moving us, inspiring, and by these
continuous acts we become habitual, difference is that touches the very essence of the
soul/transforms us
112; cause of grace;
o Grace is a participation in the being of god
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