SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Mendicant Orders, Walkover, Eucharist

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27 Nov 2012
Smc 208 lec 11 oct 18
What we’ve been reading was a period of the undivided church “Patristic period
o Christian theology was based on grek speaking theology so was the early church
o What we read was 3 greek speaking and 1 latin speaking
Augustine was the major author of the latin speaking period
o All four of these were educated and their education came from the bible but at the same time they were
part of their culture; the first three was more philosophy (plato, Aristotle etc)
o Next 5 weeks we get into medieval period in the west and the western church
o In 6th century east and west divided
o Next two weeks=Thomas Aquinas
He is a major Christian theologian, greatest of the scholastic theologian
Influenced in the RC church; he formulated the sacraments and its importance of each;
he spoke of eucharist and the presence of jesus during the eucharist
Luther said that there were only two sacraments; baptism and last supper whereas in the
catholic church there were 7
He was a Dominican
Middle of 19 cent catholic church tried developing a side of modern society philosophy
and what it was saying/doing
o Neo scholasticismfinding a position against modern century philosophy
Summa theoloigae was used as a textbook in many schools in order to educate students
in theology class
His way of doing theology is diff from Augustine although he was influenced by Augustine
In the first part of middle ages-mid 12 century the center of religion in the west was the
monastery; they lived in rural society; as time went on they all tended to follow the rule of
Life of community and the abbot; the abbot was the father of the community and the
monastery was seen as the school of perfection and the monks were the students who
were to worship and pray. They would sing the psalms and the bible was the heart of this
o The theology in this movement was related to the monks they lived; lived w.o
possessions, no materialistic objects, life of prayer and meditation etc
Bemard of Clairvaux
o Regarded as one spiritual master
o He wrote in order to move people
Anselm of Canterbury
o He was more rational in his theology
o He wrote in order to make people think
o He wrote a book called cur dues homo (why god became man)
He tried to develop a rational argument of why god became man
There was no way for us to make up our sins therefore we need god as man to come down and
pay it off for us because we cannot do it ourselves alone
2 things happen that change the way theology is done in the west and it creates
o Theology is primarily done in the monasteries before these two things happen
o 1. Gradual development of university; in addition to monasteries there were cathedrals
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