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Smc 208 lec 10 Oct 11  In 387 augustine returns to Milan and is enrolled in baptism and is baptised in the easter visual that year and later in the summer of the year his mom and his son begin to go back to thagaste where he was born to live a monastic life  His mom was buried in rome and also died in rome  He didn’t want to be elected as bishop; and so he avoided to go into nations that were without bishops however he went to hippo(it had a priest) but the ppl wanted him to be the bishop and in 396 he became bishop of hippo o during this period the largest religion was donatism which came from bishop donatus o These religious groups challenges Augustine o They are a Christian group who believe they r the true/pure Christian church  Traditorsomeone who handed over the sacred books to the authority  Augustines argument to the pure/true church; The church is not the church of the pure it is a mix and he compared it to the wheat and weeds nd o 2 behind donasticism is that bishop cant sin or he can’t give sacraments (if u sin against the spirit u cant give the spirit)  Augustine says NO, no one gives the spirit the spirit is given by god alone which then led to Christ and spirit is what baptises you it is not the priest/bishop that baptises u with he spirit  Pelagius was another challenge he dealt with as a bishop o For him god has given us our will and now its up to us to do it o Ex in the bible where the sermon on the mount he said that be perfect like ur heavenly father and so to Pelagius we could do this we just have to do it o Agustine said that grace of god is what is needed and that we need god and it is god that gives us this power to these things to forgive sins, give us grace, etc we don’t earn grace nor salvation  Doctrine of Original sin o In some way all of humanity was in the first humans so that when 1 humans sinned in some way all humanity sinned; when humans are born they are born in a sinful nature/atmosphere  What sin does it cut us off/stray us away from the relationship with god  So when we are born we are born into sin and we’re alienated from god and only way to get a relationship with god is through his grace, and a person’s baptism and faith in Christ  After original sin baptism was the washing away of the old self and sin we were born with o He speaks again of will being weakened and dark mind o Even after being baptised there is still a weakness; its an ongoing struggle and journey to pursue god; o Concupinsecncemeans all the desires astray even jealous envy cheating etc  Self destruction o In book 10 he says “command what u will and but give what u command”  Call me to be perfect but give me the grace and strength to be that what u want o To be a friend of god u need an internal transformation o There are two ways of receiving the gospel internal vs external  Those who just receive the words of the gospel and those who are moved by the gospel and the spirit moves
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