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Smc lec 17 nov 8 2012  Catherine of Sienna 1347-1380 and Julian of Norwich 1342-1416 o In the patristic period there are no women writings on the themes we discussed  In the early church were mainly the bishops and some degree was a presbyter and so b/c women weren’t allowed to be bishops there wasn’t any women  In medieval period women were in school and so they weren’t able to write and publish either; but they were in the monasteries  Until 1970 there were no women who were considered doctor of the church and Catherine of Sienna and Theresa of Avalock was one of them that got the title of doctors in 1970 o They weren’t technical scholars but experiential  And now we have Hildegard of Bingen 1098- 1179 o She was born into a family of the nobility o Lived in germany o One of ten family members o Her parents out of piety dedicated her to the religious life as a child; had no choice o She was entrusted to Jutta who had dedicated her own life to religious order o Jutta became like a mother to her o When she turned 38, Jutta died and Hildegard was made the teacher of the monasteries/in charge of the nuns o Man named Volmar was also inspiring towards her o She claimed ot have visions since she was a child  Dazzling light was what she saw and shed hear voices that reassured her that the visions of the light was God  The experience said write, speak and tell people what you have heard o Then she consulted volmar and volmar made her write o Hildegard wrote and she had her work spoken out loud in front of all these bishops o She decides to create a women monastery and separate themselves from the males o She does this in bingen which is why she is called Hildegard of bingen o She wrote letters to bishops,popes, etc o 350 letter
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