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Smc lec 15 nov 1  Bonaventure o His book is called itineranium(journey) Mentis(mind, but out translation says soul) in Deuum(into God)  Journey of the soul/mind into God; the journey ends in god  Strongly intellectual to deepen unity with god through the side of the mind  Very rooted in bible and picks up on song of songs; bride and bridegroom  He speaks of the exodus story of the burning bush and how god is being  The book is more about affectedness, affection, prayer, feelings, experiences etc  About growth in contemplative prayer  Francis is the beigning of the writing along with the end of it o Born in bagnoregio Italy 1217 o He became a Franciscan apart of the mendicant order who were involved in the life of the church o In 1257; major comflict within the order  Division; he was to overcome tnd divisions and create out a clear vision  Sometimes referred to as athe 2 founder of the Franciscan  He is on the spiritual aspect  Francis of Assisi 1182-1226 o He was being called to rebuild a church and he realized it wasn’t a physical church but a reform figure who transformed the church of christ o Committed to poverty; wanted to be Christ like  He began to sell his stuff along with his fathers  His dad then brought him to the bishop to complain about francis and then francis took off his clothes and gave it to his father and declared he only had one father which was Christ  Wanted to live a life very close to Christ in a literally moment  He was interested in birth of jesus; Christmas crib/manger; he gave it an pulse o When he died he asked his people to continuously live in poverty and depend on donations  Bonnvature was very close to Augustine in theology and differs from Thomas b/c he doesn’t use Aristotle o For Aristotle it was for on the world but platonic it was more for symbol of the world o For Bonaventure purpose of human
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