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Smc208 lec 10 oct 16  Divines humanity into two groups o City of god and earthly city (doesn’t mean heaven and earth nor earth and matter) o One is on a pilgrimage earth is not its final destination whereas the other group it is o books 11-14 origin  Speak of the fall of the angels and its sin  Wants to speak against the maniquism (they believe that good and bad were existed at the same time; they are two diff realities)  Augustine says no, beyond god and evil there is god who is being and source of EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING insofar that it is, it is good so evil was not created; god is good and so his creation is good too, evil then is the misuse corruption of the good  Angels who sin were not bad by nature but become bad by choice; they are no longer what god intended them to be  Angels for Augustine are pure spirits and are made for the truth and good and they have intelligence  Sin means an act that is immoral to its religious background  The first sin for Augustine affects the first humans and affects the rest of humanity as well because we are with the first human and there is community within humanity and what affects on affects everyone else  Now we are alienated and at odds with god and grace is lost through sin and according to Augustine there is no way of overcoming our sin unless god takes the initiative and accepts us back into his arms and pours out his grace  Augustine didn’t think grace was universal it was individual o That god’s grace was not offered to everyone and god had to individually give it to you o Paragraphs 22-24 creation of human beings  Humans are like angels but are embodied spirits  Soul is to be life and source of good to the body  Humans are free and have free will; to accept their nature and themselves and what they are made for by god or reject it completely  Augustine speaks about how god started with one, one man and even the first woman came from the one man, to underline the unity of the human race and ought to provoke us to live in peace with each other but b.c of sin we don’t  For Augustine soul is what makes us the image of god  he says that god’s hand is his power  the human race is more than any other species at once social by nature and coral some o this shows us the affection of man and woman should be like  he says that we find in adam something like the beginning in the human race of the two cities their beginning in the fore knowledge of god that is o its like god knows that there is going to be corruption since the beginning and in the beginning the two cities emerge  he speaks about death; physical death, spiritual death
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