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Smc 208 lec 17 nov 15  Catherine of seina and Julian of Norwich o Both lived in the 14 cent  Normally men wrote stuff ex: monks and priests, not so much the women  13-14 th cen. New religious life comes into play th  12-13 cent Franciscans and Dominicans o Vow of stability but they are much more active in the community; these movements had female wings but not active o Course in the 13 century new development arises  The women started to write and the term “beguine” was given to them  Its an explosion of women writiers  Bernard Mcguin o His notion is a vernacular form because its written in the vernacular language  Catherine of Siena born in sienna march 25 1347 o Huge role she played in church and society; died at 33 but had enormous impact on society o Given into intensive prayer but she didn’t go to a monastery but she was associated a bit with Dominicans o Throughout her life the institutional church was marking a division o In 1309 the pope moved from rome to france to a place called Avignon and stays there till 1376  This created problems between French and Italian and the central part of Italy was apart of papal state and so he was not only seen as a spiritual leader but also secular leader o When he returns to rome, the pope died and Italians make sure its an Italian pope but there were many popes elected at one appointed time this created the great schism which lasted 40 years o She was bright and strong willed and stubborn who was very private, had a vision when she was 6 and at 7 she dedicated her life to god o When she was 15 she had a
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