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Smc 208 lec 18 nov 20  The soul in her book in the dialogue is her o Seems to reflect her own deep sense of the trinity as she speaks to God  She echoes the tradition of the soul as the spiritual part of the body its not the animated principle of the body but its the aspect or dimension of the spirit o She focuses on the 3 powers of the soul; memory, understanding and will  Restlessness/longing is for God but for her its less for god but more for honouring god and see god honoured in the church o Double desire in church is to give hour to god and bring about salvation and healing on people  Dwelling in the self of self knowledge to know better about god o Knowledge of god is acquired by knowledge of self o We know of god goodness towards humanity  Knowledge and love o About knowledge comes love and from loving we seek truth  For Catherine “ do u know daughter who you are and who i am if u no these two then happiness is within ur grass u r she who is not and i am the one who is”-God  I am nothingshe means that she is nothing on her own she is everything with god her very existence is from god  In communion the soul seems more sweetly bound to god, better know his truth, soul is in god and god in the soul; like the picture of a fish in the sea and the sea in the fish; resembles a peaceful sea  God is the source of our nature and of grace  Her vision reflects gospel of john and Thomas Aquinas  #26 introduces the key image of Christ as the BRIDGE; because he is the divine and the human o She speaks out of the fullness of her heart; so it can be a bit confusing to understand her  River and there is a bridge over the river and its a raging river; some ppl try to swim across the river but that is not the way to get to heaven which is across the other side; only way to get there is by walking over the bridge which is Christ o There is three stairs as u get onto the bridge and the first represents the feet; someone nd rd comes to the feet of Christ 2 is the side of Christ, its brought about by love and the 3 is the mouth of Christ which is the union with Christ  These 3 stages rep 3 stages of spiritual life which is the purgative, illuminative and the union; if u were going to grow in the spiritual life u had to begin by avoiding evil and eliminate and purify your ways, illuminative; imitating life of Christ and become more virtuous and the union u become one with god  Virtues are the protector of the bridge so that one does not fall off the bridge the virtues protect us and it is glued together by the blood of Christ and grace  She also adds a roof ; the roofs of mercy that protect us from the rains of juctice  The adds in a hotel in the middle of the bridge and it represents the sacraments, the church  Then there is the gate which is Christ  Blood of Christ comes back a lot in this book; his blood symbolizes the cross, and grace that thing that has come through from god,  Paragraph 29 she raises the question “Christ is no longer with us and so how can he continue to be the bridge?; he continues to be the bridge through martyrs, doctors, teachers, Jesus’ teachings etc o Mystical body of church; in medieval period the notion was that the church and the Eucharist were the body of Christ, church makes Eucharist and Eucharist makes church
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