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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

SMC103Y1 November 17, 2009 Second Vatican Council (1962 – 65) It is the 21 ecumenical council called by Pope John XXIII (1958 – 63) but implemented mainly by his successor Pope Paul VI(1963 – 78). Father Donovan said it was the end of the Reformation, the period when the Church was defined by opposition to Protestant churches. It also ended the era of synthesis and of the Vatican I where the church focus was on the Pope. It was the end of one period of history, and a reversal to another. The bishops had always intended since Vatican I to make a document regarding all the key concepts of the Church. The Lumen Gentium focuses on the whole life of the Church, including all those within it. Aggiornamento in Italian means updating or a renewal and Ressourcement in French means return to the sources, both ideas covered during Vatican II. Many experts see the Second Vatican Council as a recovery, but neither of these ideas were in any way new. When there were social issues to be addressed, they were to be dealt with through ruling powers during the era of Social Catholocism. The development of Neo- Thomism, under the pontificate of Pope Leo XIII just like Social Catholocism describes that Christians should be clear of their own philosophical th
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