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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

SMC103Y1 November 10 2009John Henry Cardinal Newman 18011890Two challenges were being raised against the Catholic Church during the late 1800s Modernity called to question key aspects of faith to challenge fundamental Catholic assumptions The historicalcritical method begins to attack the Bible Newman begins to engage it in a rational method St Vincent of Lerins wrote that the Church teaches only what has been held and believed always everywhere and by all Protestants and Catholics agreed on this point and also that the Christian belief is unchanging unlike as suggested by the historicalcritical method Newman was a Chaplain at Oxford as an Anglican as Catholocism was outlawed in Britain He began to see the development of how humanity understands God Newman notes very clearly when Scripture refers to certain specific issues it is not very clear Christian Church fathers in late history also had very different insights on Christianity Newman writes An Essay on the Development of Doctrine 1839 to this effect He spurs his spiritual discovery and begins to believe the Anglican Church has strayed away from the development of Catholocism and converts to Catholocism and gets ordained a Catholic priest and eventually a Catholic cardinal In the writing he argues that doctrinal development is not evolution He defines development as an unfolding of an essential principle of a belief while the thing itself remains the same Trinitarianism did not become something else while it developed through Nicaea Chalcedon and over against the heresies of Nestoria
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