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Reid Locklin

SMC103Y1 November 24, 2009 Kingdom, Church, & Catholic Church The Vatican II begins the Council with the mystery of the Church. It is not how the document originally looked, first looking at the Church as a militant and shifting into the lens of mystery. The Church cannot be exhausted by one human institution nor by metaphor. They placed the Roman Catholic Church in a broader context, in Lumen Gentium #5. It talks about the founding of the Church by Christ, one having to be the emphasis on mystery but also the use of ressourcement and a literary critical reading of the Scripture. It discusses Jesus’ ministry, and talks about Jesus’ inauguration of the Church rather than founding. The bishops go on to talk not immediately what Jesus does in direct relation to the Church, but instead details of the Kingdom of God. The Lumen Gentium talks about Jesus speaking of the Kingdom of God, and then the Disciples who come to share in Jesus’ mission that is a mission of proclaiming and establishing the Kingdom of God. What’s formed particularly at Pentecost is the Church. The Kingdom of God is primary to the document, but the bishops are not interested in diminishing the Church in light of the Kingdom but instead describing its use. The Church is seen as the seed of the Kingdom of God from which will grow. The bishops make a distinction between the true Church, the Church of Christ, and the Roman Catholic Church. In Lumen Gentium #8, the Church is seen as a spiritual and social reality. It has both a human element (social) and a divine element (spiritual), and the Church is analogous to the Incarnation. Towards the end of #8 they begin to describe the relationship between this true Church and the Catholic Church. The true Church subsists in the Roman Catholic Church. What the bishops didn’t mean to say is that the true Church is the Roma
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