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St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

SMC103Y1 Catholocism The Gospel of Thomas and Gospel of Judas are extra biblical writings or gospels. The primary source remains to be the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Luke narrates his acts in the prologue of his Gospel, which is unusual as compared to the other Gospels. The author of Luke also writes a second book, Acts which together with Luke combines to be referred to as Luke- Acts. Most historians say that if we can be sure of anything, we can be sure that Jesus was crucified by Roman governor, Pontius Pilate. Jesus of Nazareth indicates specifically he is of a certain place and of a certain time. Judea was directly ruled by Pontius Pilate. Galilee was ruled by a king from the nation but under the Romans, named Herod Antipas. The era and location of these two rulers was when and where respectively Jesus preached the word of the Lord. Jesus of Nazareth indicates that he was a particular person who did particular things. He ended up “doing good and healing all”. This shows that Jesus was a healer and a miracle worker. In addition to this, he had a special message meant for the people of Judea. We can infer from this that he is a preacher and a teacher. He preaches the love command, to love one another, especially other enemies. He also had a strong preaching of the kingdom of God, telling all those around him to turn away from their sins. King of the Jews implies that Jesus was one of the Jews. He led them and also made controversy with them about the interpretation of the Torah. Very few of all these things lead to the death or charge of any person, let alone crucifixion as it is commonplace for a Jew to be controversial towards the standards and rules set by other Jews. King of the Jews is important because the people sai
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