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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

SMC103Y1 October 8, 2009 Reaction Benedict of Nursia, founder of Cenobitic Monasticism creates a rule that allows other people to partake in this form of religious life. The Mendicants are a movement of men and women that being out of the walls of the community isn’t adequate to addressing the problems of the world around them, and thought that the world needed them to be more engaged. They lived a life of poverty and obedience embodied by the thoughts of St. Francis of Assissi. Mendicants move away from the hermit lifestyle of Eremetic Monasticism, but do not resonate with the communal worship of Cenobetic Monasticism. Instead they travel in smaller groups and teach. The root of religious life is a reactively anti-clerical form of worship. Reform Religious life is a road to conversion, as an ongoing conversion of the Christian life and not a miracle form. Zossimas was a monk, part of the community and continues to strive for perfection and leaves
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