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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Reid Locklin

SMC103Y1 October 13, 2009 Turnitin Class ID: 2894659 Password: smc103 Papacy Pope Innocent III embodies the Papacy and the spiritual and political power. Leo I, 440 – 461 CE, first theologian of the Papacy. Anti-Pope may claim he is the rightful Pope when a new Pope is selected. For the first three centuries, the Church is not an organized institutional bureaucracy. It is just a loose church united by community. Peter is the one looked at of prominence and authority among the Apostles. Peter and St. Paul were both martyred in Rome. Rome is the only Apostolic church in the Western Empire. It begins to exercise priority to central Italy, and then through the rest of the Western Empire and spreads into the East. The person that makes all of these claims is Pope Leo I or Leo the Great (440 – 461 CE). He is able to speak in consistency for Roman primacy and his holiness adds legitimacy to his claims. Council of Chalcedon (451 CE) articulated who Jesus was, and Pope Leo I issues his Tome which was read at the council to help rectify the dispute. He is the first to exercise his primacy among all the Church, and claims the Latin term “principatus” to speak of his own legal authority. He makes the ideas of Peter stick to the rest of the Church. Only two Popes were given the title of the Great, Pope Leo the Great and Pope Gregory I or Gregory the Great (590 – 604 CE). Pope Gregory I was a Monastic before he became the Pope. He was also a judge so he had political power, and administered missionaries to northern Europe, carrying with them a sense of Christianity in the form of Monasticism. Alexandria gives Gregory I the title of Ecumenical Patriarch, but h
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