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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Kanye West – Jesus Walks  Grio (?)  Posing as Jesus on Rolling Stone  Fashions self as Christian  KKK white vs Kanye West wearing white, complicates and subverts idea of faith, innocence  Desire for personal connection with God but recognizing difficulty/tension  Kanye and halo – saint-like identity  Valley of Shadows – David  Doves History  Ancient spectacle  Roman Empire and Christianity  Vases  Crucifixion/execution as popular culture  Crucifixion cease to be political punishment -> decoration/religious symbol  Xtianity illegal -> Constantine legalize -> become religion of state  Xtiniaty transform popular practices of empire, take ongoing popular festivals and xtianize  Saturnalia – pagan roots of Christmas o Public banquet, drams, games, gift giving o Associated with Jesus’s birth to celebrate, public commemoration o Christianized Saturnalia  Xtian festivals  Reinvention of Xmas  Victorian Xmas  Discouraged during Puritan regime -> Victoria revive Xmas -> Charles Dickens Christmas Carol  White Christmas popularized in London, where not many White Xmases…  Xmas cards, commercialization  Earliest radio – Xtian… broadcasting sermons, hymns  Silent films  Popular music and gospel music (i.e. Elvis, Johnny Cash…)  Fissure between Xtianity and pop culture  Possibility of mass culture  American Xtianity – personal relationship with God/Jesus, draws from all sources (inc. pop culture), emotional, values experience  Connection is what matters > technical (i.e. Trinity)  Simple approach to interpretation of texts Parker on Theories of Popular Culture  Pop culture o quantitative (views) o q
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