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Jennifer Harris

- SMC305 Lecture 3 - Judas by Lady Gaga - Catholic background - Her persona - Production - Signed to record label in 2007 - Over 4 million copies - Released April 15 2011, significant because week leading up to Easter (Holy Week) - Judas involved in Holy Week, betrays Jesus - Judas ambivalent, necessary on one hand but castigated for his role in Jesus’ crucifixion - Written about the boyfriends she had, - idea that if you don’t have shadows you are not standing in the light - Have to deal with your shadows - At first condemned by the Catholic Civil Rights League, afterwards just simply declared garbage - Events from Holy Week present in the video (washing the feet, etc…) - Using Christian imagery for shock value, way of selling records - Personalized while universalized - Clark- see ourselves idealized - Kiss of Judas sign of betrayal - “fame hooker” Mary Magdalene - Reckoning with her Catholic upbringing - Symbol has to point to something - Gordon Lynch on scholarly approaches - In relation to the environment, resources, and practices of everyday life - -How popular culture (PC) shapes religious belief and practice - -Popular culture in religion - -Contemporary Christian music in way PC has shaped practices of Christian believers - How religion is represented in PC - -example the Simpsons - -homeland etc… - How religious groups relate to PC - -Catholic civil rights league and lady gaga etc - Popular culture serving religious functions in society - What religion does: social, existential, transcendent - Study popular culture through this lense - Social - Existential/hermeneutical - Transcendent - How religious people might undertake a mission to society and to popular culture - Emic approach - How can people of faith address popular culture and the society tha
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