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St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Judas – Lady Gaga  Ambivalent figure  Necessary figure vs evil  Without shadows won’t stand in light  Personal story about being betrayed by boyfriend, being beyond repentance in society (fame hooker, prostitute wench…)  Disciples as outlaws  Judas with thorn crown  Kiss of Judas as alerting to betrayal  Mary Magdalene imagery and lyrics  Reception of product – not as popular as others but still sold a lot Gordon Lynch on Scholarly Approaches  In relation to environment, resources and practices of everyday life o How pc shapes religious belief and practice o How religion is represented in pc o How religious groups relate to pc  Popular culture serving religious functions in society o Social o Existential/hermeneutical o Transcendent o (common features of all religions)  How religious people might undertake a mission to society and to pop culture o Suspicion o A
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