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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Visual Artifact, Emic And Etic, Lady Gaga

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Jennifer Harris

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Judas Lady Gaga
Ambivalent figure
Necessary figure vs evil
Without shadows won’t stand in light
Personal story about being betrayed by boyfriend, being beyond repentance in
society (fame hooker, prostitute wench…)
Disciples as outlaws
Judas with thorn crown
Kiss of Judas as alerting to betrayal
Mary Magdalene imagery and lyrics
Reception of product not as popular as others but still sold a lot
Gordon Lynch on Scholarly Approaches
In relation to environment, resources and practices of everyday life
o How pc shapes religious belief and practice
o How religion is represented in pc
o How religious groups relate to pc
Popular culture serving religious functions in society
o Social
o Existential/hermeneutical
o Transcendent
o (common features of all religions)
How religious people might undertake a mission to society and to pop culture
o Suspicion
o Appropriation
o Middle way (via media) - appreciative and suspicious
Using pop cultural texts as material for theological reflection
o Exploring relation to biblical texts
o Exploring relation to theological questions
o Exploring pc as source of methods for how to do theology
Approaches scholars use to talk about pop culture artifact
First two -> looking at phenomenon of functions from outsider/observer
perspectives (etic) vs last two -> for religious believers addressing pop culture from
faith/insider perspective (emic)
Lady Gaga Judas in everyday life/religion/mission of engagement/as theological
Following community “monsters,” social context, fellow outcasts, meaning and
identity (intersection of pop culture and everyday life)
Deity figure
Religious images, figures… evident in popular culture, immersed in symbolism
Modeling radical inclusive world
Reading as text > visual artifact
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