SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Turnitin, Halo 3, Richard Dawkins

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Published on 28 Jan 2013
Music Business is the persona
Not the songs
Sales tshirts, etc. tour
Recording #8 5:00
April 15, 2011
Lady Gaga Judas
Week leading up to Easter commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus
Being with wrong people, betrayal
If you don’t have shadows, you are not standing in the light
IDEA you have to deal with your shadows to break out into the light
complimentary, embrace, forgive the darkness to be in the light
Madonna Like a Prayer Black Jesus
Lady Gaga Latino Jesus…depict a perspective of Jesus
Biker Gang what would the apostles be without
All about her
Symbols in pop culture find their deepest self from Christian sources
Gordon Lynch on scholarly approaches
- In relation to the environment, resources and practices of everyday life
- Popular culture serving
- D
- D
Latter 2 is restricted to people who decided to adopt the methodologies as insiders from a faith
perspective…technical form of insider approach = EMIC
First 2 are looking at phenomenon looking from outside pers. Not faith, but use, functions,
questions an observer would as - ETIC
1. How PC shapes religious belief and practice secular music, rap…christianized and in some
context..used as worship like hymns
Secular music shaped new Christian music…forming a type of new worship
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