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Music Business is the persona Not the songs Sales – tshirts, etc. tour Recording #8 – 5:00 April 15, 2011 Lady Gaga – Judas Week leading up to Easter – commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Being with wrong people, betrayal If you don’t have shadows, you are not standing in the light IDEA – you have to deal with your shadows to break out into the light complimentary, embrace, forgive the darkness to be in the light Madonna – Like a Prayer – Black Jesus Lady Gaga – Latino Jesus…depict a perspective of Jesus Biker Gang – what would the apostles be without All about her Symbols in pop culture – find their deepest self from Christian sources Gordon Lynch on scholarly approaches - In relation to the environment, resources and practices of everyday life - Popular culture serving - D - D Latter 2 is restricted to people who decided to adopt the methodologies as insiders from a faith perspective…technical form of insider approach = EMIC First 2 are looking at phenomenon looking from outside pers. Not faith, but use, functions, questions an observer would as - ETIC 1. RERPEL 1. How PC shapes religious belief and practice – secular music, rap…christianized and in some context..used as worship like hymns Secular music shaped new Christian music…forming a type of new worship 2. How religion is represented in PC – Muslims as terrorists 3. How religious groups relate to PC – 2. How does PC serve religious functions in society……..pc follows this lense toooo..all religions follow::: - Social - Existential/hermeneutical - Transcendent 4. What mission to society and PC might religious groups undertake? - suspicion Appropriation -The middle way (via media) -> latin – what can we learn from this? Stay neutral and see the balance..judas How people of faith take their mission (to save others)….now its
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