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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

father george - black panther counsellor mother - prof english, rolling stone The passion - kanye west atl to chicago raised him comfortably - middle class oakmont, chicago college dropout - music record producer in chicago big break - produce songs for jay-z october 2002 - serious car crash experience gave material for 1st solo single - through the wire christian faith - got through, faith, feature in songs portrays himself as modern day griot - invite people to learn history through songs faith - controversy - rolling stone cover Jesus Walks #11 - billboard Grammy 2005 best rap song rolling stone rank 19/100 song of decade 2000-2010 #273 out of greatest songs of all time 3 videos #1 record company created video West did not like 1st video #2 Chris Milk - director of many mvs Still did not like it #3 MV - by West Innocent figures dressed in white little girls, prisoners, Kanye So too member of the KKK - Subversion Preacher American Christianity - desire for personal connection difficult relationship to affect and experience, tension Right my wrongs - redemption I want to talk to God Hallway - ...i walked through the valley of the shadow psalm 23 KKK - music changes at the end entire music video who is really innocent? Sets cross on fire, Rain - saved from racist deed, redeemed all are children of God he does all these bad things he is the one at the end receiving a blessed shower Jesus Walks with a KKK music videos are powerful word, music, image compact total art works decoding symbolism but they are still commercials, to sell records production - history, who,... product - video reception - people Can you really compare history and pc Pop culture is not a historical reality, modern Roman empire – Christianity started ..born into it..early Christians had to negotiate their place in this situation, you can get people what they want if you give them bread and circus FOOD+ENT Greek culture preceded it Vase depict early games, - mass consumption Created as PC Festivals, funeral games are an origin of the Olympic games – commoration of dead and gods Ancient PC rooted in religion at the same and regimes of power at the times PC serves many masters, Colosseum State – privately funded Crucifixion – PC - spectacles of power, not just to punish person, but to maintain social membership/identity…executions are popular public events People rejected dangerous to state and display them as warnings for followers Do not rise up vs Rome Mass execution Object of devotion – cross, chain Persecuted Christians….year 313 Roman empire Constantine…legalize Christianity Subsequent empire dude – Official religion of the state Colosseum – persecutions, Christians thrown into lions Post-legalization Transform empire, take on going popular festivals and christianize t
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