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January 15, 2013
Reading reflection
1. Why might it be important to think of music as a verb rather than as a noun?
According to begbie, music is a matter of action. It is not and object it is something
that is done. Begbie uses Christopher smalls term "musicking" pg 39
1. To what extent are we free to make music mean whatever we want?
Keeping context in mind
Music notes have meaning because of their relation to one another
1. Can you think of any examples from your own experience that reflect Begbie’s
discussion of Barber’s Adagio?
Pg 54: when I go to the gym, I have fast paced music in order to keep my body
How to prepare for the tutorials
Each reading assigned. Ask what is one key sentence in this reading and why you
think it's a key sentance and be prepared to explain that in tutorial
Begbie chapter 1
Asks question what is music
In our society the place of music is changing
Much more blurry boundaries between music
He does this in four ways
1. Thinking about music as action
Music is not a thing (an object) it is common for us to think about it that way.
Because of the buying and selling, how long the written music is.
Nicolas cook. "Music doesn't just happen its what we make it" people
express themselves and exist in a particular way when they perform music
Music as a verb: "musicking/to music" it's an activity even if your listening to
Play is an interesting word and a good compliment to the word perform
Music as sound
The integrity of sound such that we should respect of what sound actually is
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